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Where is the Housing Market Headed?

Now Michael Matusik is back, braking down where exactly the market is headed… how fast things will unravel… and… 

How to protect yourself and profit!

Keynote Speaker

Trusted Property Analyst, Michael Matusik!

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Thursday, 10th August 2023

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Thursday 10th August

6.30 PM – 9.30 PM

About This Event…

Back in March, Michael Matusik and I held a property summit where we warned all investors:

A Bust Is Now Inevitable!

We made a few bold predictions back then. Many of which have already come to pass. 

Just as Michael and I called it back in March, Interest rates indeed hiked. 

First it was Westpac and Commonwealth Bank. Now NAB hiked up the interest rates of 4-year and 5-year fixed-term home loan products by 10%-11% (from 1.98% to 2.19%, and from 2.24% to 2.49%.)

Macquarie raised theirs by 12%-12.5% (from 2.39% to 2.69%, and from 2.49% to 2.79%.)

And this is just the first round of increases…

On top of that, the market is indeed getting saturated. Just as we predicted back in March.

And with more new developments coming to market each day,  things can only go in one direction: Bustville.

So what should you do? 

We’re glad you ask… 

Because that’s what this online summit is all about!!!

back by popular demand…

Trusted Property Analyst, Michael Matusik

  • Find Out Which Home Owners going to get burnt from this market in the next 2 years (how to figure out if you’re one of them… and… how to turn things around!)
  • How to figure out the BEST time to get out… just before the market collapses (it always does!)
  • Where are the best opportunities Right now? What’s next for Bne, Sydney, Melbourne , Perth in 2021?
  • Which areas/markets should people be VERY CAUTIOUS OF? 
  • And more!

Keynote Speaker

Michael Matusik – Veteran Property Analyst and Property Cycle expert

Nhan Nguyen Presents…


  • How to stay cashflow positive even with interest rates spiking –I’ve more than doubled my rental income!
  • Easy way to find 30%+ yield deals even in the current market!
  • “Turn-Key” Subdivisions: Get in, get out, and get paid in 3 months or less (the PERFECT STRATEGY for uncertain times like these)
  • Where & how to buy cracker deals at WHOLESALE prices
  • Where in Queensland you can still acquire FREE BLOCKS OF LAND and profit from them despite the oversupply in the market!!!
  • How to do it all without taking on any of the unnecessary risks other investors are going to face (yes, it’s possible. Let me show you how.)

Summit Host

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan Nguyen – Self-made property millionaire and bust-time expert – made over $250,000 in the global financial crisis while everyone else was going bankrupt!

Joanne Hands


  • Granny flats? Single builds?? Triplex??? Here’s how I made $311,000 in 18 months and how you can do the same!
  • Top KEY MISTAKES investors make in early feasibility you absolutely need to avoid
  • Time proven ways to maximise use of space (and profits!)
  • How to blast through the design, approvals and documentation phases – smooth your DA assessment to produce the best possible product for the price!
  • And more!

Guest Speaker

Joanne Hands has managed over 100 NSW developments to a profitable outcome 

Including granny flats, single builds, dual occupancies, duplex and triplex sites, and more!

Alan Castorina Presents…


  • How I escaped the “buy, hold, and pray” model and made $400k last year (without pulling a cent out my pocket)
  • QLD Rental Opportunities! How you can make over 12.5% Rental Yield (even in current prices!)
  • How I find Free Blocks Of Land other investors miss all the time (6 months project, $95k profit!)
  • Key insights for people like me who have been working for many years (I was a miner for 16 years) and struggle with creating real property profits

Guest Speaker

Alan Castorina – Miner turned full time investor, made $400,000 profit in 2020 buying no-money-down

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… The same as I make in a whole year as an engineer!”


Engineer from Geelong, VIC

“I made over $180,000 profit in a single transaction and I’m looking forward to doing more deals.”

IT Consultant from Sydney, NSW

Nhan helped me and my wife get plans and permits done for a townhouse development.

We sold it for $3.4 million dollars – turning a $1.3 million dollars profit!”



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Thursday 10 August

6.30 PM – 9.30 PM


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