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$9.99 Kindle – BANKABLE: How to make big money from small developments Kindle Edition

Discover The REAL secrets to Property Development

Yes, it’s possible to potentially make a healthy income from small developments – if you know how. Infact it is easier than you think, once you learn the 6 steps to successful property development.

Nhan’s secret is to find deals where you can get into the deal, make money, and get out in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of work through a step-by-step property development system.

In this book, successful property developer Nhan Nguyen will show you:

  • Why you don’t need to have a big deposit saved
  • How to find a ‘free’ block of land in your own suburb
  • The simple strategy to create positive cashflow for life
  • How to create your own ‘capital growth boom’
  • The ‘magic sentence’ to say to real estate agents to find ‘cracker deals’.


$9.99 Kindle / $42.50 Paperback – The Property Investing Formula: Millionaire Property Strategies for the Everyday Investor Kindle Edition

Confused about property?

What if there was a simple formula for investment success that opened the doors to true wealth?

This book is written by real property investors who spill the beans on the actual steps you need to take in order to succeed in property investment.

Discover their success secrets and how to navigate the property market to achieve financial freedom through property.

With these experts on your side you’ll never have to worry again. In fact, regardless of your age, income or risk profile, you’ll learn simple strategies that work for you.

In this book you will learn how to;

  • What property strategy is right for you, and why
  • How to make smart profit by leveraging your time and money
  • How to buy property for no money down
  • The $1 property option technique that’s legal
  • How joint ventures can skyrocket profits
  • How to make money no matter if the market is up or down
  • How YOU can become an expert property investor
  • And a lot, lot more…

$10.65 Kindle / $35.99 Paperback – Property Millionaire: How ordinary Aussies are building millions through property (The Millionaire Book Series)

Do you want to invest and make money in property?

Do you want to learn how to do property development?

Discover the billionaires’ secret- property. What if creating millions through property is easier than you think?

This books holds the success secrets of 16 property millionaires who share the exact steps they have used to create millions through property. Whether you want to be a property tycoon and achieve financial freedom or simply pay off your mortgage- you need to buy this book!


  • How to get started in property now to make millions
  • The secrets of the big property developers
  • How to achieve financial freedom through property
  • How to buy property with no money down
  • How to renovate and make 6 figure profits
  • How to find the deal of the century- every single week
  • How to turn your passion for real estate to profit

$6.99 Kindle / $21.50 Paperback – From Broke to Billionaire: How 5 Australians Became Billionaires Paperback – 16 May 2014

How did Frank Lowy, Gerry Harvey, Harry Triguboff, Clive Palmer and Kerry Stokes get rich? Many successful billionaires have started from scratch and built massive wealth that has stood the test of time.

In this book you will discover:

  • How you can apply their proven success strategies to achieve success
  • How to create wealth in all areas of your life
  • How to think like a billionaire
  • How to achieve everything you have ever wanted
  • Why even billionaires have mentors
  • Why you don’t need a degree to make billions
  • How to identify what’s holding you back from the success you deserve