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How Full Time Employee

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Dear Fellow Investor,

Do you want to take advantage of the changing market conditions?  Do you not want to miss out on the Opportunities that everyone else is talking about?  NOW IS THE TIME to get active and get POSITIONAL ready to take advantage of DEALS that are right in front of you.  How do I know?

I see it every day, with my own eyes, people buying CRACKER PROPERTY DEALS when others with untrained eyes flounder from week to week, or just pay WAY TOO MUCH.

THIS IS YOUR TIME!!!  In 2012 the market was DEAD, D-E-A-D, DEAD!  How did I know?  I was in the market and none of my properties sold, they just sat there…

Early 2013, the market changed, and 2 of my properties ABSOLUTELY FLEW OUT THE DOOR…in the same market, same interest rates….yet people’s confidence was growing…

Now people are starting to pay some SILLY PRICES for properties even in HOUSING COMMISSION AREAS.

In times like this, this is where you can grab some great deals but at the same time, be wary of PAYING TOO MUCH, and paying for it for years to come. Don’t worry, I’ve done it, made my fair share of mistakes, and made alot of money along the way.  Here’s your chance to learn from all my mistakes, so you don’t make the same.

Here’s your chance to work with me, as hundreds of people have, to embark on a journey of Wealth Creation for a LIFETIME.  The next Wave is coming, are you ready for it?  Or will you be wondering “what happened”??

Here’s another quick success story:

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You see the 2 hardest things in life are : 1. Learning to RECOGNISE OPPORTUNITIES; and then 2: TAKING ADVANTAGE of those opportunities.  I am so privileged to work with the small minority of people who are persistent and do what they say they are setting out to do. I have very little interest in the rest. This is the exact same approach that money takes, by the way.

It’s time to get ANGRY that you’re not living the life you deserve.

Anger drove me to build a significant property portfolio and effectively a lifestyle when my original bank manager laughed at me for wanting to buy property as a 21 year old. Desperation about working for the rest of my life in a dead end job led me to sharpen my skills in all areas of property investing.  You see – anger isn’t always bad and success can sometimes be the best form of payback.

Here are some more graduates of my programs kicking butt and well on their way to sacking their boss:

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So who is this program actually for?:

  • People who are ready for the next level, and want to be supported along the way
  • People who are action and results focused, and ready to listen to another point of view
  • Are willing to be coached, and happy to achieve success without shortcuts
  • Busy people who know they can achieve more but don’t know how
  • Super High Achievers who know what they want and know they deserve so much more…

This program is NOT FOR:

  • People thinking about what they want and are still in dreamland about it
  • People who believe they can’t do it – and will never succeed so why try
  • Lone rangers who believe they need to do it on their own
  • Tyre kickers

Let’s see if you relate to these every day people making money in the current market:

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 Here are some more success stories if you hadn’t seen enough already…:

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The Time For Smart Investors to Act is NOW!

Here’s another one for you:

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If you qualify then we will have a 15 minute interview at which everything will be discussed

(time investment expected, whether we’re a match for each other, how much it will cost etc.)

1. How much will it cost?

This will be discussed once you return the application form and you qualify for an interview.

2. Do I have to have prior property experience?

No, this is not a prerequisite.  We can accelerate this through our materials and courses while you are being mentored.

3. Do I have to live in South East Queensland?

No, as long as you have skype/phone access and are prepared to travel for the 3 mentoring days this program can be done.

4.  How much time do I need to invest in the mentoring?

The quicker you want results the more time you will need to invest initially to create momentum to create results.  This is not a get rich quick scheme and requires training and congruent action to create worthwhile results that are long lasting.

So what are you waiting for?

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Your completely unique formula for Property is …


Pick up the phone – call the office now on 1300 225 630 or send and email to info@advancedpropertystrategies.com to find out more information.

Can’t wait to have a outstanding year with you…


11 Ways Advanced Property Strategies Stands Out From The Crowd

  1. We focus purely on Property & Wealth Education, we do not sell or promote Properties to our Clients.
  2. We give our clients training to create their own opportunities in the market place, and do not create any Funds/Trusts for our clients to invest into.
  3. We provide long term support to our clients who participate in our Mentoring Programs, which equates to 15 months working with us.
  4. Our programs are limited to classroom size numbers, to keep the intimacy of the groups, and allow a community to develop.
  5. Our trainers are required to be in the market place, doing real deals right now, so that they are at the cutting edge of information and what it takes to succeed in the current market place, not just talking about what they did to succeed 10 years ago.
  6. Our programs are hands on, practical based, so that participants apply what they are learning, which allows them to get a real taste for doing deals, and also what stops them in achieving their goals (eg. in our Entrepreneurs Property Workday participants get to ring real estate agents live)
  7. Accountability plays a big role in our programs, our participants are held accountable for their goals and actions/inactions, and training and support is provided where necessary
  8. We celebrate our clients victories, and provide further opportunities for Media and PR if they are open to sharing their deals with the public.  Many of our students (eg. John Brierley, Jennifer Barclay, Rob Flux, Shane Hiscock and more) have appeared in publications like Australian Property Investor Magazine.
  9. Our Strategies work in the current market, and are not dependant on market conditions to work, they are not recycled strategies that worked pre-Global Financial Crisis when capital growth and buy and hold were “no brainers”
  10. Our programs are designed to cater for beginners to advanced property investors/developers and allow each participant to flourish whatever level of experience they have.
  11. We encourage our participants to “Fail Fast”.  This means making lots of small, inconsequential mistakes, and being okay to try different things and not being constrained in the pursuit of taking massive action, and learning through the process.  In this process of taking massive action, more often than not, opportunities turn up, and then participants can, at their own discretion, choose to participate or not.

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