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Nhan Nguyen, Bernadette Janson, and Jo Vadillo reveal:

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  • Secret Places You Can Still Find (As Of March 2020) Buy & Hold Properties That Are Positively Geared From Day 1!

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“Now I’m earning about $1050 a week rental income, and just started my own business!

“Thanks for opening my eyes to what’s possible – and giving me the confidence to get to the next level!”

Carol Smith

Mt. Gambier, SA

“Who knew I could make $12,000 a year from my spare room

“With the little $100k reno you suggested, our rental income next year will triple – – to about $38,000 per annum!

“All Without having to buy a single property!”

Lucy Scott

Blackburn, VIC

“I earned $184,500 in just four months!!!

 “As a full-time carer, I never thought I of all people could afford to invest in real estate.

“But I followed your steps and to my shock and delight – they worked!!!

“I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind you’ve given  my family and me!”



“I’m averaging $4500 per month (conservatively) in passive rental income!

“Thank you for opening up a new way of thinking for me ––

I’m earning more than I thought was possible!”

Jen Clark

Wood End, VIC

Who’s Presenting?


Hello, this is Jo Vadillo, Bernadette Janson, and Nhan Nguyen. 

Together, we have over 72 years of real estate experience. We transacted over $35 million dollars worth of properties. Completed over 100 transactions. 

And we did it all… 

Starting from scratch.

Jo’s parents were just in high school when she was born. She shared a bedroom with her single-mum at her grandparents’ house until she was ten years old. 

Nhan’s family arrived in Australia as war refugees – with nothing but the shirts on their back and a “work well, and you’ll do well!” attitude. (Which is enough to get by… but not enough to get rich.)

Bernadette began her journey to as an average-wage nurse, struggling to put her four kids through school and university.

To say almost everything was working against us attaining wealth would be an understatement!

But that didn’t stop us. And after blood, sweat, tears (and some expensive mistakes…) we found it:

The secret path to securing total freedom…
against the odds!

A completely different way to increase your income and secure your future. 

One that doesn’t require large sums of cash, big bank loans, or making compromises in your lifestyle. 

It’s designed for people who, just like us, won’t let the fact they weren’t born into money stop them from attaining freedom. And attaining it NOW. 

 🛫 🏖🛥🍹🛬 

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Strategies Used By 90% Of First-Generation millionaires

Most millionaires weren’t born into financial freedom – they started from scratch and attained wealth by themselves.

But how? The same way we did: Using the three wealth-creation shortcuts you will discover in this seminar! 

These are the shortcuts that set us free us from money worries. We believe they could do the same for you.


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