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Stop Wasting Your Time On Hit-Or-Miss Research!

How To Find Property Bargains With Very Little Work!

  • 3 Ways To Make Vendors Chase You… Practically Begging You To Take Their Property Off Their Hands!
  • Simple No-Money-Down Developments Virtually Anyone Can Do – – And Generate A Juicy Payday In These Underrated Suburbs…
  • Build A Profitable Property Career Without Taking A Cent Out Your Pocket (No Money Down Is Alive And Kicking In 2020!!!)
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Hosted By Nhan Nguyen

“I sold over $35 Million Dollars worth of properties using this exact  system. Best part? Almost all of it was no money down!”

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Meet Your Instructor

I’m Nhan Nguyen, “Mr. No Money Down” 

I completed my first property deal when I was 24. Since then, I have completed more than 100 property deals… total worth of over $35 Million Dollars… using almost none of my own money.

You see, while most teachers make their money by teaching – I actually make my money by doing. 

I’m active in the market. More active than any property investor you’ve ever met.

And I make a very good living from it.

So why teach? It’s simple…

Nhan Nguyen teaches everyday Australians how to make a fortune in property using none of their own money!

Why I Teach

My success as a property investor changed my life.

It allowed me to give my family a better life and a better lifestyle. It gave my wife and me back the control over our time, and allows us to be more present parents and partners. 

It didn’t happen by accident. 

It wasn’t random luck. I succeeded because some of the smartest investors in the country agreed to train me and share their secrets with me. 

Many of them never asked for anything in return. 

Now that I’ve reached the top, I feel it’s my turn to do the same.

To help the next aspiring investor wanting to get started. 

That’s why this free training gives you an uncensored “behind the scenes” look into how a property millionaire finds his deals.

I use everything I teach in this training every single day. And so do hundreds of part-time (and full-time) property investors.

Many have made $40,000… $80,250… $140,000… even $200,000 on their first deal.  (I’ll show you the exact deals they made during this free training. Copy&Paste and apply to your own suburb!)

What you have here…  with this free training… is the key to finding profitable property deals.

Not just in today’s market conditions…

In any market.

I tested this system in the booms and I tested it in the busts. I even tested it during the Global Financial Collapse of ’08. 

It works like clockwork. 

As predictable as the sun will rise tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Who is this online workshop for?”

A: This workshop is for people who are serious about creating wealth.

If you are ready for some honest to God, real life, step-by-step information on how to make big money through property investing – this workshop is for you. 


Q: “How long will this training be?”

A: The workshop will run for about 90 minutes


Q: “Why are you offering this information for free?”

A: It’s simple. When I was in your shoes I made some expensive mistakes that you don’t have to make. Those mistakes led me to give up on my property career. 

It was only thanks to the mentors that I found that I gave property a second chance.

Without those mentors, I’d still be working the 9-to-5 job, dreaming about “how things could have been”.

Instead, I get to travel the world and spend real quality time with my wife and two girls. What a difference! 

And since I got a lot of help, I think it’s only right for me to give back. And this training (and all the other free content I put out there) is my way of doing that. 


Q: “Is this an educational event, or a sales event?”


You can expect 90 minutes JAM-PACKED with ACTIONABLE content and cutting-edge strategies. 


Q: “So if this an educational event, how do you make money?”

A: Unlike other “property experts”, I don’t make a living from teaching. I make my millions from doing. (For example, I expect to make $215,000 next month from a single deal. And I have a few more in the pipeline)

I’m not hosting this workshop to “pay the bills”. It’s simply my way to follow the example set by my mentors, and give back. (Hopefully, you’ll do the same once you reach the top!)


The opinions contained in the training be short-term in nature and are subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

All investments involve substantial monetary risk, including the risk of losing one’s entire investment. None of the information contained within this training constitutes, or is intended to constitute, a recommendation by the presenter that any particular security, investment or strategy is suitable for any specific person.

None of the information contained in the training is, or is intended to be, personalized investment advice. Investments or strategies mentioned in the training may not be suitable for all individuals. All attendees should make their own independent decision regarding them.

The material contained in the training does not take into account each reader’s particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs. All attendees should strongly consider seeking advice from their own personal investment adviser based on their specific circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: Real estate investing is a dynamic vehicle. Cashflow and equity positions can change daily.

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