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The insider trick that turns on the property “money faucet” is to do exactly the opposite of what everyone else is doing!


From the desk of Nhan Nguyen, property millionaire and mentor

SO You THINK THE property market IS not for you?

A lot of people these days feel like the property market is not for them. And the truth is,

The property market is for NOBODY… doing things the old way!

With the market at an all-time boiling point, the common sources for finding deals completely dried up.

Everyone is paying more… and more… and more…

… for properties that aren’t even worth it.

And now?

Unless you’re a property pro, it’s very unlikely you’ll make any real profit if you keep trying the same strategies that worked even just one year ago. 

Except… if you try something
completely different

Yes. the old ways don’t work too well right now.

HOWEVER… I do have great news:.

I am confident I can show you how to start collecting $700… this week… next week… and every week after that… for years to come!

Why am I so confident? Because of all the people I’ve recently helped.

Everyday people who are bringing in $700 a week… or more.  (I’m using the same technique myself with my own properties.).

All thanks to some unusual (but totally legal and ethical) techniques that create…

Lovin’ Property Freedom!


I first discovered this way of earning extra property income at the end of last year – when everything else suddenly stopped working.

As you may recall, the government announced the Homebuilder Grant last year in an effort to keep the construction sector alive.

And it worked… at first. 

But what was supposed to be a grant to only 27,000 home builders eventually tripled

Over 96,000 HomeBuilder grants have been handed out (according to savings.com.au.)

That’s over $2 billion dollars of a cash influx… And that’s when things really went out of whack.

This insane influx of “free money” created the biggest property frenzy Australia has ever seen. And now?

Every man and his dog are competing on the same properties.

Agents won’t return your calls.

And you can forget about finding anything that stacks!

But as I said… at the end of 2020 I began noticing something…

A specific kind of Profitable properties

so “boring” and “unsexy…”

Nobody Else Is Looking At!

I’ve acquired many of these properties over the last few months –– without anyone trying to compete against me!

I’m buying them FOR PEANUTS.

And they’re making me $3,000 a week – while I do absolutely nothing. 

Imagine that! 

Nobody was paying any attention to these properties back at the end of 2020… Nobody is paying much attention to them right now, either… 

Which means…

You can still grab one of these properties and easily make about $700 a week profit. Or more.

And the best past is… There are still so many more of these deals out there… and I’m going to show you how to find them!

But You Better Hurry!

Right now other investors have no clue about this opportunity.

They’re too busy buying highly overpriced houses.

They’ll get average rent… at best. And they’ll pray each night for big capital gains to save them.

Not me.

And I’m hoping that…

Not you, either!

Because while other investors bid themselves  wayyyyy past profitability… I’m quietly cleaning up.

I’m finding some of the easiest deals of my life.

I’m paying 20%-30% below market prices… like this boom never happened!

And you can make a lot of money with a lot of certainty… just like I am.

This market is wide open!

There’s room at the top.
There’s room at the bottom.
There’s room at the middle.

You just need to move away from the crowd…

Let me show you my new way of buying insanely profitable properties… FOR PEANUTS!

Make $700 Extra A Week!

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Nhan Nguyen

Property Millionaire, No-Money-Down Expert

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Online Property Seminar

Early Bird Tickets Only $4.99!


How To Turn "Boring" Everyday Properties Nobody else is Paying Any Attention To… Into Cash Cows that send you $700 cheques every week!


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“Using Nhan’s tools I made $80,000 profit in six months…

… The same as I make in a whole year as an engineer!”


Engineer from Geelong, VIC

Nhan helped me and my wife get plans and permits done for a townhouse development.

We sold it for $3.4 million dollars – turning a $1.3 million dollars profit!”



“I made over $180,000 profit in a single transaction and I’m looking forward to doing more deals.”


IT Consultant from Sydney, NSW

About Me…

Hi, my name is Nhan Nguyen. 

 I’m a self-made property millionaire. You may think I have an MBA or something like that… But no. 

I actually dropped out of uni because it didn’t make sense to me. 

I wanted to learn how to make money. Not to understand what Byron was saying to Shelley and Keats. I didn’t care!

And I definitely didn’t see any way all that nonsense was going to make me any money. So I left. And got into property. 

I followed everything property courses were telling me to do. 

Which only led me to losing all my capital (and the capital my Dad lent me.)

I had loads of books and courses… and no money.

I was broke. Then, one day, I caught a break. I found someone to mentor me.  

And he showed me a special way anyone could make profits in Australian property very very quickly… 

Even if you don’t have any cash.
Even if you don’t have experience.
Even if you’ve never done it before! 

I was scared to try it at the time.

But when my wife told me I had to start putting food on the table or she’d leave me – I decided to give it a go. 

And the results were pretty instant! 

I went from barely making rent at 24 years old… to attaining financial freedom before my 27th birthday.

In less than three years I had already made $1 million in property.

That’s something most people don’t make in a lifetime.

And since then, I’ve completed over 100 property deals – worth over $40 million dollars – all thanks to this powerful strategy.  

And I’ve taught a lot of people over the years how to make money the same way I do. (With superb results.)

But things changed over the last year and a half.

What I did two years ago doesn’t work as well anymore.  

What I did last year is hard to do in this blazing-hot market. 

But I did find something new that does work… 

And it’s working like gangbusters right now!  

So while everyone else and their sister are buying overpriced properties everywhere… I found an untapped GOLDMINE.

You can easily turn these “boring” properties into weekly passive income with very little work. (You can also extract a large lump sum payday from them – if that’s what you prefer. )

Either way – this is the best way I know of right now for everyday investors and new investors to create passive income for life. 

Very quickly. And very affordably.

Lovin’ The Freedom!

Why Am I Giving This Info Away?

It’s simple:

My success gave me back control over my time and my life.

It allows me to really be there for my wife. For my parents. For my two girls. And for my friends.

But I would never have become successful without the generous people who helped me when I was getting started. 

I was just a broke, desperate kid from CentreLink.

My early mentors gave me advice that was worth millions of dollars… without ever charging me one cent. 

Teaching is my opportunity to do the same and give back. 

Especially right now – when there is so much struggling and uncertainty in the world. 

And at the same time – a massive opportunity for everyday investors. 

Do you want to create wealth for life with just a few property deals?

I’d love to show you how I’ve done it, and how you can do it too.


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