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Shield Your Assets From Thieves… Villains… And… Even The ATO!

How Australia’s most successful property investors Protect Their Assets

Hi, my name is Nhan Nguyen.

Ten years ago, I lost $250,000 in a property deal because my asset protection plan failed. Yep –


And it wasn’t my fault – none of my advisors knew about this legal “death trap” I walked into. And guess what?

Your advisors are probably just as clueless about this as mine were!


It all started with a friend of mine called for help with a property project he was doing.

His project fell behind schedule, and my friend needed some cash to cover costs  and get things back on track.

Aside from running late, the project looked like a pretty sweet deal.

Really. From an investment perspective, this project ticked all boxes. 

The projected numbers were substantial.

And the was plenty of profit margins left, even with the delays he already incurred.

It seemed like a good investment, But
this wasn’t my first rodeo…

“How would you secure the loan?” I asked. 

Double.” He responded. “I’ll secure it against a personal guarantee AND a second mortgage.”

I decided to go ahead. 

I invested $250,000 dollars in his deal.

At first, things went well. Then, the project began dragging again.

It went on… And on… And on.

One day, we met for coffee to talk about the project. 

I remember standing there in the street, watching this guy I invested $250,000 in…  arrive in a shiny new Mercedes convertible.


This guy ALREADY OWNED a $140,000 Mercedes… and now he was standing there, smirking next to his new $90,000 Merc… asking me, “what do you think?”

That’s when I started feeling very bad about this whole investment. Our project was stuck, chewing up cash and going nowhere. And he was out and about spending cash like there was no tomorrow!

Forget about profits – I began wondering if I’ll ever see my quarter million dollars again. 

The thought of losing all that money sent a shiver down my spine. 

But I told myself to STOP PANICKING!

“After all, if s### hit the fan, the personal guarantee and second mortgage would protect MY investment… Right?”


As I feared, past debts caught up to my friend. And one day, just like that, everything was over for him:  His marriage ended.  His business died.  He filed for bankruptcy.

And as it turned out… 

Everything I knew about asset protection was worthless!!!

None of the papers he had signed made any difference when it all went down.

Instead of getting my full $250,000 dollars back, I only received $1,400!

But here’s the worst of it all: Thanks to him using some very, very creative legal planning this guy had in place (stuff I’ve NEVER heard of until then…) this guy’s settlement agreement allowed him to keep driving that damn Merc!!!

Yes, a bankrupt investor driving a $140k car, and the court said we, his creditors, could never touch. And finally, 12 months later…


Yes, after filing for bankruptcy and paying me only $1,400 of the $250,000 he owed me… this guy got his bankruptcy reversed so that he was no longer bankrupt at all!

He went back to his business and was allowed to trade freely. No limits whatsoever!

No consequences to him. While we, his creditors, never got more than 10% of our investments back. 

Believe me – I’ve never been more PI$$ED in my life!!!

I had to find out…  HOW did he outsmart all of us? 


The quest to find answers turned into an obsession. I had to find an answer. A better way to shield assets – one that will stand its day in court.

(Otherwise, what’s the point of asset protection and securities at all if they don’t protect you?!)

I decided to host a secret private event. And use this event to lure in the most radical speaker lineup the property world has ever seen.

I’m not talking about BIG NAMES everyone would recognize. I already heard everything the famous “experts” had to say. 

What I wanted was THE OPPOSITE of big names. I wanted…


I was going to put on stage a group of people utterly unknown to the everyday investor. 

Names nobody in the property events circuits ever heard… but the richest, wealthiest, smartest investors in the country would instantly recognise.

And I got them. I got them all! 

Not one, not two, but FIVE of the country’s best asset protection experts agreed to open up and spill the beans! And let me tell you –

Every person in the room that night was BLOWN AWAY

Today, you’ll never get any of these people to open their mouths in public – their clients object to it. That’s why I can’t even list the speaker names on this page. But back then?

For just one night, these experts emerged from the shadows and showed us just how fragile regular asset protection is.

It’s so easy for bad people to overcome it!

All they have to do is merely extend their fat hands into your pocket… and STEAL as much as they want! 

Almost everything you know about asset protection will NOT survive in court.

No if the person you’re up against can afford a top gun lawyer. BUT – 

There are ways you can protect yourself. 

That night, everyone at the Catalina West event room discovered the REAL way millionaire (and billionaire) investors TRULY protect their assets.

We got firsthand insight into how the rich build an impenetrable fortress around their assets.  A “super-shield” that can endure almost any challenge in any court.

Had I known even HALF of this information when I was getting started, I could’ve saved myself a lot of time, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a lot of grief.

That’s why I want you to have these secrets.

I want to share with you the original recordings I have from this event.

Recordings that reveal the secrets only the most successful property investors in the country know… But every investor NEEDS.

Get My “Legal Pepper Spray” – The Top-Secret Method To Actually Protect Your Assets

  • How To Protect Yourself, Your Family, And Your Assets From Expensive Mistakes, Lawsuits, And Ugly Divorces
  • Create An Impenetrable Fortress That Will Stand Strong In Any Court Should You Ever Get Sued
  • Joint Venture Entities – How I Set Up Mine To Make Sure My Ass Is Covered – Both When I Borrow And When I Lend! 
  • Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Joint Venturing (Using The Wrong Entity Can Easily Cost You $30k To Fix… Or Even 10 Times That!)
  • Unit Trusts Vs Family Trusts Vs Discretionary Trusts – Don’t Confuse Them Because It Could Cost You A Fortune!
  • STOP Paying Unnecessary GST! (If you’re buying property through a business entity, you need to know about this!)
  • How To Use Family Law In Your Favour To Protect And Keep Your Assets (No Matter What!)
  • Margin Scheme – Two critically important things you must know about if you’re doing multiple dwellings, a half a dozen blocks of land, blocks of 10 units etc.!!!
  • Inside Secrets From The Guy Who Developed Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings… And Other Multi-BILLION Dollar Projects! (you can’t get this info ANYWHERE else!!!)

Nhan Nguyen

Property Millionaire, Property Mentor, Australia’s #1 No-Money-Down Expert

Nhan has completed over 100 transactions (total value over $43 million dollars) – and shown thousands of investors how to do the same!

The rich want this information to remain SECRET

These recordings will help you build a fortress around your financial castle.

But before I give them to you, a word of warning:

The recordings are audio-only (no video.) And the sound quality is far from perfect (I knew diddly squat about how to record events back then.)

But the content….


This was honestly one of the best events I’ve ever attended.

To this day, the information shared there remains exclusive, rare, and POWERFUL.

I tried to host it again and re-record it. But the speakers wouldn’t come back! They worried their multi-million dollar clients would leave them if they leaked any more of this information to the general public. 

I never got this group to come back and open up in front of an audience again.

This means there is NOTHING ELSE like these recordings anywhere out there.

Outside of the tightest inner-circles of the rich, NOBODY talks about this… because nobody even KNOWS about this outside the inner-circles.

Imagine the chaos that would ensure if the general public found out that most contracts (even a prenuptial!) won’t stand firm in court!

No wonder the rich want this information to remain SECRET.

Well, tough noogies! 

I have recorded their experts spilling the beans on what anyone can do to properly shield their money and assets in a way that WILL stand up in court.

And I’m sharing it!!! 

But as I said, these files are audio-only.

The sound quality is not the best –– But the information is

I’m telling you this in advance because some people are so darn shallow. For them, if the sound isn’t perfect or the video is not HD, they can’t appreciate the content itself.

Well, if that’s you… please, close this page and WALK AWAY.

I’m serious.


Go on YouTube. Search for funny cat videos or something instead. 

Don’t buy this product if you need fancy videos with fancy banners and lots of animations. It’s not for you.

The information in this insider seminar is world-class. Top-rate.

But the way it sounds is a little rough. Well, more than a little rough. Every now and then.

Oh, sure you can understand everything. It’s perfectly clear.

But, frankly, it’s not even close to the super-professional standards all of my other products routinely reach all the time. In terms of what they call “production values.”

For one thing, there’s no video. It’s audio only.

Secondly, the audio is a little rough in spots. I won’t go into the boring technical details as to why. Let’s just say if I could do it over again, I’d at least get much better audio and run a video camera, too.

And normally, I would do something like this over.

But as I said – I can’t.

The experts simply won’t spill these secrets again. Heck, they won’t even let me list their names here!

Now, you can be rock-bottom sure you’ll never get this information anywhere or any way else — unless you happen to go through a quarter-million-dollar “life lesson” like I did (and that was before the huge attorney fees I had to pay to recover what I could.)

I’ve given you fair warning

You’ll be able to hear and understand every word in these recordings. 

It’s just not what they call “pristine audio,” that’s all.

But if you’re a serious person (and I hope you are), this won’t matter to you. You understand it’s the CONTENT inside these recordings that matters. And that content is second to none. 

So if you’re a serious person – you will go ahead now. 

You will get these recordings.

You will listen intently.

And in the parts where the volume is a bit low, just amp the volume a little and you’ll be fine.

Because if you ever have a deal go pear shaped, this information may save your life (and will certainly save your bank account.)

This is pure, unedited, unfiltered, life-saving information right from the horse’s mouth. And as I already said – you can’t get it anywhere else.

Here’s the button. Click here and get it now:


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