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Shield Your Assets From Thieves, Villains, And…
Even The ATO!

The secrets I’m about to share with you are known only to the most successful property investors in the country…

Had I known even half of these secrets when I was getting started, I could’ve saved myself a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of grief.

That’s why I’m sharing these secrets with you.  

I believe every investor deserves to know about these critical steps you can take today to protect and shield your assets and hard-earned cash.

Even if you’re “only” doing $70k projects right now – you want to set yourself up correctly TODAY, so your money will be safe TOMORROW!

This course will help you build a fortress around your financial castle – so let’s get started!

Featuring My Handpicked Team Of Experts – The Best Of The Best!

Eddie Chung

Partner, BDO

Paul Copeland

Director, William Buck QLD

Barry Mahony

Property Development Mega Star

Levi Smouha

Partner at Rostron Carlyle Rojas, Insolvency Lawyer

Tim Cox

Corporate Advisory and Finance Partner at Mills Oakley Lawyers

Building my property empire didn’t come without challenges.

When you transact over $43 million dollars, you’ve got to expect some hiccups:

Angry people sued me for no reason.

Troublesome contractors. 

Bad tenants.

The ATO…

And more. 

Some people out there have made a career from stealing hard-earned cash from successful people through litigation. It’s just life, you know?

But once I surrounded myself with some of the best legal, tax, and accounting minds in the business… I never had to worry again!

All those scary problems became minor incidentsLittle hiccups.

I slept well all through the night, knowing my assets were properly fenced and my money was shielded.

That’s the kind of situation you want to be in… 

And this course reveals what some of these leading legal and financial experts have to say about protecting your own assets!

Get My “Legal Pepper Spray” – My Absolute Best Top-Secret Methods To Protect Your Assets 

  • How To Protect Yourself, Your Family, And Your Assets From Expensive Mistakes, Lawsuits, And Ugly Divorces
  • Create An Impenetrable Fortress That Will Stand Strong In Any Court Should You Ever Get Sued
  • Joint Venture Entities – How I Set Up Mine To Make Sure My Ass Is Covered – Both When I Borrow And When I Lend! 
  • Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Joint Venturing (Using The Wrong Entity Can Easily Cost You $30k To Fix… Or Even 10 Times That!)
  • Unit Trusts Vs Family Trusts Vs Discretionary Trusts – Don’t Confuse Them Because It Could Cost You A Fortune!
  • STOP Paying Unnecessary GST! (If you’re buying property through a business entity, you need to know about this!)
  • How To Use Family Law In Your Favour To Protect And Keep Your Assets (No Matter What!)
  • Margin Scheme – Two critically important things you must know about if you’re doing multiple dwellings, a half a dozen blocks of land, blocks of 10 units etc.!!!
  • Inside Secrets From The Guy Who Developed Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings… And Other Multi-BILLION Dollar Projects! (you can’t get this info ANYWHERE else!!!)

Nhan Nguyen

Property Millionaire, Property Mentor, Australia’s #1 No-Money-Down Expert

Nhan has completed over 100 transactions (total value over $43 million dollars) – and shown thousands of investors how to do the same!


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