Advanced Property Strategies was founded by Property Entrepreneur, Nhan Nguyen.
While studying a Bachelor of Science at university, Nhan read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and from that moment his grades started to decline as his passion for property emerged. His biggest learning from the book was, “Don’t work for money; have money work for you.” With his university degree behind him, Nhan took a role with a property education company earning just $25,000 per annum. What he didn’t receive in cash he received in education, learning how to do deals, qualify leads and look for opportunities.
After 12 months Nhan changed jobs to work for a different property development and marketing company that was moving over 80 properties a year. He learnt how to tie up opportunities with little money and onsell the properties at a significant profit.
After three years as an employee, and aged 23, Nhan quit working for someone else, and in December 2003 he moved into full-time investing. He has now done more than 70 deals worth $20 million in total. In the past 24 months alone, he has done 29 property transactions using none of his own money.
Nhan is also the founder of Green Mint Property Group, focussing on Property Investment and Development.

 Advanced Property Strategies Mission Statement is:

“To Train 1000 Millionaires Per Year, Enabling Them to Live Their Fullest Lives and Pursue their Dreams & Passions”

11 Ways We Stand Out From The Crowd

  1. We focus purely on Property & Wealth Education, we do not sell or promote Properties to our Clients.
  2. We give our clients training to create their own opportunities in the market place, and do not create any Funds/Trusts for our clients to invest into.
  3. We provide long term support to our clients who participate in our Mentoring Programs, which equates to 15 months working with us.
  4. Our programs are limited to classroom size numbers, to keep the intimacy of the groups, and allow a community to develop.
  5. Our trainers are required to be in the market place, doing real deals right now, so that they are at the cutting edge of information and what it takes to succeed in the current market place, not just talking about what they did to succeed 10 years ago.
  6. Our programs are hands on, practical based, so that participants apply what they are learning, which allows them to get a real taste for doing deals, and also what stops them in achieving their goals (eg. in our Entrepreneurs Property Workday participants get to ring real estate agents live)
  7. Accountability plays a big role in our programs, our participants are held accountable for their goals and actions/inactions, and training and support is provided where necessary
  8. We celebrate our clients victories, and provide further opportunities for Media and PR if they are open to sharing their deals with the public.  Many of our students (eg. John Brierley, Jennifer Barclay, Rob Flux and more) have appeared in publications like Australian Property Investor Magazine.
  9. Our Strategies work in the current market, and are not dependant on market conditions to work, they are not recycled strategies that worked pre-Global Financial Crisis when capital growth and buy and hold were “no brainers”
  10. Our programs are designed to cater for beginners to advanced property investors/developers and allow each participant to flourish whatever level of experience they have.
  11. We encourage our participants to “Fail Fast”.  This means making lots of small, inconsequential mistakes, and being okay to try different things and not being constrained in the pursuit of taking massive action, and learning through the process.  In this process of taking massive action, more often than not, opportunities turn up, and then participants can, at their own discretion, choose to participate or not.