Why the Sunny Coast Is Hot Right Now?

You’ve probably heard how hot it is right now at the Sunshine Coast,

but where do are the hot deals? The good news is that Property is one of the industries that

practically anyone can get involved in … and sometimes it seems like everyone has…

even the local taxi (or Uber!) driver…but there always deals and duds…can you

tell the difference???

I know you don’t want to sift through every opportunity looking for that nugget of

gold, so I took the liberty of doing it for you. With 3 Wealth Creation & Property Experts

we have created a “Sunshine Coast Property & Finance Update” next week and

would like you to come along for a listen and a cup of tea.

  • We’ve come up with some cutting Edge topics that will make it worth your while to attend:
  • How To Maximise Your Borrowing when Buying Multiple Properties
  • How To Actually Make Buy & Hold Property Actually Work For You
  • Which Councils Love Dual Occ’s, Quad Occ’s and How Multiple Rental Incomes Is the Key to Wealth
  • Finding Property Bargains in the current Market
  • Critical Changes In Finance Market That You Need To Know About

With an Property Researcher/Sourcer, Finance Broker and Property Educator at hand you

will be massively informed with up to date information that is critical in today’s rapidly changing environment .


(Use the Coupon Code SUNSHINE to get Complimentary Tickets on us!!! Valued at $37 each)

This event has been developed to provide you with everything you need to get going when starting out .

With the help of various tips and hints, this session will help you find the right team for you!!

If you haven’t booked already here’s your chance:


(Use the Coupon Code SUNSHINE to get Complimentary Tickets on us!!! Valued at $37)

Best Regards,

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