Who Is Taz Nguyen? $200,000 Profit Locked In??


I want to introduce you to Taz Nguyen. We are not related, yet

he’s one of my superstar Diamond VIP Mentoring Clients,

I want to tell you a few things about him and some reasons why

he’s smashing it out there :

  1. He’s not related to me
  2. I’ve only known him since August 2013
  3. He works full time in the city, starts at 7am most mornings.
  4. He’s married with a baby to come
  5. He’s never done Property Development Before
  6. He’s short (I’m tall)
  7. He has a pommy accent , yet still speaks Vietnamese at a drop of a hat.
  8. He used to live the UK
  9. He’s only done buy and hold til he met me
  10. He detests renovations (we now have something in common)
  11. He’s hungry for the next level……
  12. He’s coachable
  13. He’s working closely with me…

As you can see he’s just your everyday guy, giving it a go, No Inheritance,

No Gene AdvantageNo location advantage….just a vision and a willingness to go for it!!

Click Here To Watch His Story:

When I started working with Taz one on one,

I said to him, “it’s going to be like driving a manual car for the first time,

initially you’ll feel like all arms and legs, but after a while you’ll get the hang of it…”

To Find Out More ABout How He Did It Click Here

2 months after working with me he’d secured a deal,

not a good deal, but an AWESOME, CRACKER DEAL, it looks something like this:


Check out his full story, and how you can possibly work with

me 1on1 and make 6-figures too Part Time….

Watch Taz’s Short Clip Here

Til the next success story


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