(Where The Deals Are) Plenty Of Fish IN the Sea !!!

You’ve probably heard that I love fishing…just a bit…check out my recent trip to Fraser Island:

Often times I would go out fishing by myself and spend many hours looking for the next

catch, but might catch 1 or 2 fish, mostly undersize and often threw them back (sulking of course).

Until I found a Master of Fisherman, who spent years mastering the art of Fishing.

He didn’t show me for free, but the investment of time and money was well worth it …


Many of you are doing the same thing with Property Deals.  Trying to find deals by yourself

surfing Realestate.com looking for your next super catch.  Well I’m telling you, for the most

part – your wasting your time.  Most of the Good Deals are not where you’re looking for them.

They’re definitely out there, but just not where you’re looking. That’s the bad news….


Well here’s the Good News!  I can tell you where they are…but you will need to come on a

journey…an adventure…actually a Property Adventure!!!  See I’ve been teaching students

how to “Bag Out” on Deals for years (bag out:  to catch too many hahhahaha) and I want

to show you, too.  Why?  Because someone showed me, and I believe you deserve the

same change I got.  I introduce to you “The Brisbane Property Adventure”

Brisbane Property Adventure: Secure Your Ticket Now 


On This Adventure You’ll Discover :

Cracker Deals: How To Buy Property At A Discount – Even In This Market!  Before They Even Hit the Internet!

How To Get Free Blocks of Land – Instant Upside – How To Do Splitters, Subdivisions and More
How To Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income – How Simple It Is To Create 10 Income Streams with Just 2 Deals !

Brisbane Property Adventure: Secure Your Ticket Now 


It’s going to be a  Fun and Action-Packed Day filled with Learnings and Meeting Lots of Positive,

Like-Minding People.  Study live projects and lessons as well as investigate REAL DEALS ON THE MARKET.

With tickets selling fast and limited spots (only 2 buses) , Click Here To Book Now

Til next time,

Nhan Nguyen

PS:  If you’re already booked in, just forward this email to your friends so they can book in too, the more the merrier!!!


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