What are you doing next Saturday to Make You Rich? Financially Free?

Every day you & I all have the opportunity to move either TOWARDS

your GOALS or AWAY from your GOALS. Often the action steps to

make this happen aren’t usually that hard.

Whether it’s “Go to the Gym” or “Inspecting that property”…sometimes,

however, it’s easier NOT TO, than to ACTUALLY DO WHAT WE KNOW TO DO.

It’s what we call the “PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE”.

95% of people follow the Path of Least Resistance. That’s why 95% of people

at the age of 65 are either DEAD or BROKE. I personally believe that being

BROKE is a state of mind , and not hard to change. But like with all things

KNOWING something actually makes no difference….

KNOWING HOW TO SAVE MONEY (spending less than you earn) , does that

make a difference? Look at Greece right now — on the verge of bankruptcy,

after being on bailout for over 5 years now?

Look at the Australian Government , being in deficit for how many years now?


KNOWING HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT , does that make a difference?

In Australia, over 60% of Australians aged 18 years and are considered

either overweight or obese (Source : Bureau of Statistics).

But isn’t it simple? Spend more calories than you consume?? Hmmm….

So if knowing HOW to do something makes no difference,

then what makes the difference????

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Good question….you’ll have to come along to find out…invest some of your

time and money into finding what will make the difference to you…we have

trained thousands of people and have proven methods to :

  • How To Find Fr-ee Blocks of Land => Massive Profits
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  • How To Find Fr-ee Blocks Of Land and lock in $100k Profit in 6-12 months
  • How Positive Cashflow and Property Development Go Hand in Hand
  • Why Quitting Your Job & making Money in Property is Easier than You think!

It’s clear that Opportunities to Make Money are abundant. It’s like low-lying

fruit…but you have to take it with both hands and embrace it.

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Til next time,


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PPS: For those of you keen on Fishing…here’s something to wet your appetite…fishing off

Rainbow Beach near Fraser Island…not bad for a day’s fishing!!




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