This is important. Very limited

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make $125,000 per year in only a few real estate deals

per year – on part time hours?

Well, that’s what I do… when… I choose to work…and I’ve been doing either 6 or 7

figures for over 10 years….in Good Times & in Bad Times.  In the GFC, we netted

over $200,000 profit in a property deal after a 2 year saga ….but I’ll save that for another time…

and I’m revealing the secrets for the first time…in a brand new half day event.

I’m not a “guru”, nor was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth

(the only silver thing about it was the colour :O)

And I’m not somebody famous.

My specialty is in making substantial lump sum profits in only a few property

deals each year.  And I want to show YOU how to do it, too.


One of the key secrets to profiting in any environment is to first protect your

downside… and then… go & make big profits.  This is exactly how I have

managed to make money in the GFC, even when companies like Lehmann

Brothers went bankrupt, and massive finance companies like Freddie Mac,

Fannie Mae and Bank of Scotland were on the verge of closing down and had to be rescued.

Yep, it’s true.

I’m going to reveal how I do it.  It’s a punchy half event and the price is only $97.

Because you are a special person and already on my database, I’m making it available to

you at the early bird price of $19.95.  However, this offer is only for another few weeks.

To obtain the lower price, simply follow this link – CLICK HERE

Be sure to check out what I have on offer now.  This early bird price of $19.95 is only available until

Thursday 5pm 19th May.

Til next time,

Nhan Nguyen

BTW: Here’s some cool pics of some of my Diamond Mentoring Program clients and I on an

Exclusive Ferrari Test Drive Day we did last month….

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