The In’s & Out’s Of Feasibilities , Due Diligence and Site Analysis

With so much information on the market, how do you know which

is the best value, and not just a sales pitch to buy their property?

I’ve seen alot on the market, as well as attended many seminars,

so I know what stacks and what doesn’t.

Here’s one I know that will add massive value to you if you want

to learn more about Property Development in a DETAILED WAY:
•What professionals do you need in your Property team
•Cashflow Analysis
•Acquisition Strategies
•Negotiation tactics
•Purchasing entities (personal, company, trust)

Run by Rob Flux from Developer Network, I know you are in

good hands . Being my first Diamond Mentoring Student, he

has been trained personally by me for years and the proof is

in the pudding!!! He’s just about to finish his first townhouse

development and create a Six Figure Passive Income!!!

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To find out more about Rob Flux and what he’s been up to recently

Click Here.

Til next time,

Happy Hunting!!!


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