Sorry We Sold Out…Just Like Katy Perry…


I need to let you know some good news & some bad news…

Bad News First:  Well after a phenomenal response to the

Mother’s Milk Bank Brisbane Property Adventure we have SOLD OUT. 

Even after adding a 3rd bus and 44 additional seats, over 170 seats

in total — yes we have sold out….

So if you haven’t booked in yet, oops sorry there are no more seats!

(this also includes any “friends” that were part of the “Bring a friend for fr-ee”,
as this was subject to availability)

Which leads me to the next set of news:

Good News:  After some quick shuffling of diaries, Matt Jones and I have

decided to open up September 20th, 2014 as the next available

Mother’s Milk Bank Property Adventure, with possibly even a whole new route

and parts of Brisbane we’ve yet to visit on these trips.

So if you’ve missed out on the June event, here’s your chance,

at $97 (yes still bring a fr-ee friend), this will be fantastic value,

as we have had 2 bookings so far in the last hour.Remember first in, first served!

Click Here To Register

Earlier this year when Katy Perry released concert tickets, my wife and I

spent hours and days trying to get tickets but to no avail….

luckily she opened up some new dates in December and bamm

we were in like Flynn…(Yes I confess I am a BIG KATY PERRY FAN).

Just like a great concert I know these upcoming events will be

Exciting, Fun and Inspiring, and you will be utterly Delighted

with what you will get out of the day. And I highly suggest

registering as VIP Tix, that’s where you get to really meet the

PROPERTY GUNS and hang out with all of us at the Dinner

in a relaxed environment.

So if you haven’t booked already,

Click Here To Register

Til the next adventure,


PS: If you booked into the June 2014 Event and were eligible

to bring a “fr-ee friend” but they missed out, we are happy to

honour that seat at the September Event, however, this

will only be available until 20th June, 2014, so please let

our office know their full details

(name,number, email address etc) before this offer expires.


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