Some say I’m Crazy For Doing This In 30 Days

That’s what I was thinking to myself when I actually announced my

“Make $50k or more in 30 days “ challenge to my Diamond Mentoring Clients

and close colleagues….Am I CRAZY for Putting this out there???

What if I fail?  What if it’s a flop?  I’m meant to be this so-called “Property Guru” (vomit vomit)

sure I can do it, right????

Yes I doubted myself …for about 30 seconds…and then thought, stuff it, let’s go for it!!!

Check out my video here:

The Parameters:

“Make over $50,000 Clear Profit (after expenses, pre-tax), in a Property Deal, in 30 Days”


1. 30 Days are counted actually from Purchase Settlement to On-sale Settlement

2. Nhan actually has to be major stakeholder in the deal, ie. be in charge and profiting  (ie not someone’s elses deal that they are doing)

3. Property Deal (not business deal or other) Being Done now, not next year

Bonus Points for:

1. Not lifting paintbrush or a hammer (personally)

2. NOt doing any renovations at all on the property

3. Using All Other People ‘s money / NO MOney Down

4. Selling for More than $390k – $400k anticipated price range

5. Making MOre than $65k –>> super bonus points for this!!!

I personally don’t know more than probably 5 property investors who could try to pull this off in

just 30 days… but for all you budding property investors out there, this is actually for you!!!

I want to show you:

1. My strategies do actually work – in fact in any market – and you can do it buying property less than $400k not in the sticks

2. You don’t need alot of money – or time for that matter

3. Any body – yes anybody – whether you are beginner or advanced – can make a year’s income in less than 60 days….

Will I succeed???? LEt’s hope so hahhahahaha…otherwise I will have to lose my Ferrari in a bet!!!



PS:  Learn how do this yourself here :

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