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Entrepreneur’s Property Weekend WEB_Entrepreneur's-Property-Weekend

Experience the 2 Day Course that thousands have experienced, through a Live Recording.  Nhan Nguyen, best-selling co-author of Property Millionaire Book, spends 2 Days inspiring and educating investors on the following topics:

  • How To Find Great Deals – FAST!
  • How To Find and Work With Investors
  • How “NO Money Down” Deals Work
  • What To Say To Real Estate Agents to Get Hot Deals
  • The 2 Magic Secrets To Property Investing
  • And Much, Much More….

8 Audio CD Box Set $995 
Plus Bonus Online Audio




Online Only – Audio $495 


1 Day Property Development Intensive 


Live life through Donald Trump’s eyes.  Property Development is one of those Magic Industries where you can make Millions or lose Millions – especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.  This is a live recording of a 1 Day Event with Property Developers Ross Williams (Land Subdivision Specialist) and Barry Mahony (Commercial Property & Unit & Townhouse Specialist) .  These 2 Powerhouses spend 6 riveting hours of pure DOWNLOAD, no fluff, high detail breakdown of what it takes to be a SUCCESSFUL DEVELOPER in this day and age, when margins are tight and finance is near IMPOSSIBLE, unless you have the DEVELOPER’S EDGE…

This recording covers Land Subdivisions, Units & Townhouses Plus an Introduction to Commercial Property.  If you are a budding PRoperty Investor / Property Developer and wanting to go to the next step, or you’re an experienced PRoperty Developer looking for Real Life Examples, this program is for you.

Online Only – Video and Audio $495 


Super Selling Strategies


In volatile times when Property isn’t the easiest to move, you need 2 things:  Creative Ideas and Practical Solutions.  Nhan Nguyen has sold Millions of Dollars in Property and even made $200,000 Profit in the middle of the GFC, and has engaged in dozens of Selling Strategies, many of which were not by choice, but through necessity!  Learn through the experiences of others and don’t make the mistake of holding onto a rotten apple!

Online Audio $47 


How To Find Property Bargains


In every market there is low lying fruit, what Nhan calls “Property Bargains”.  Discover how Property Pros look for great deals in ANY MARKET.  In this recording, Nhan shares his secrets to finding Great Deals, how to Negotiate a Winning Deal, and how the “Deal of A Lifetime Comes Along Every Other Week”.

Online Audio $47 


The Magic of Property Options


This by far is Nhan’s biggest secret weapons in the game of Property.  A much underestimated and mis-understood topic Nhan demystifies Options in his simple, straight-forward and no BS approach.  Nhan has done dozens of options and loves collecting cheques from properties he’s never owned!  Don’t underestimate the power of Options and your ability to capitalise on this tried-and-true method of deal-making!

 Online Video and Audio $47 


15 Things You Need To Know Before Quitting Your Job & Investing Full time

Web_CD_15ThingsHave you thought about giving up the Rat Race and being “Your Own Boss” and using Property as your vehicle???  I’m sure you have, many times, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this!  Nhan Nguyen quit his job before this 24th birthday and has never been back since!  In this powerful audio recording Nhan reveals his 15 keys to success that need to be addressed before you SACK THE BOSS.  Don’t be fooled, it can be done, but it needs to be done the right way otherwise there will be tears!

Online Audio $47 


Property Millionaire BookSOLD OUT!  SOLD OUT!  SOLD OUT! 


Discover the billionaires’ secret- property. What if creating millions through property is easier than you think? You hold in your hands the
success secrets of 16 property millionaires who share the exact steps they have used to create millions through property.

Whether you want to be a property tycoon and achieve financial freedom or simply pay off your mortgage- you need to buy this book.

Some of the Property Millionaires we feature are:

  • Steve McKnight
  • Nhan Nguyen
  • Jennie Brown
  • Jason Marianoff
  • Paul Derry
  • and many more…

Price: $29.95 

large-ordernowSOLD OUT!  SOLD OUT!  SOLD OUT! 

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