(Last Chance) Having Trouble Finding Money Partners???

One of the biggest challenges many Investors are having right now is Funding (ie. Lack Of Funding).

Whether it’s tightening by the banks, or just not having the cash in the bank, the result is the same:

No Money = No Deal.

If you’ve spent week after week, day after day, looking at deals, to only figure out you can’t fund it, it’s definitely Frustrating!!!


Let me ask you a question:  What If I Could Show You A Way to Fund Deals? 

Yes, with None of Your Own Money?  What If Was Easier Than You Think?

You’d be interested Right?

Well one of the key things about Finding Money Partners is Finding Great Deals.

Finding Average Deals will not ATTRACT MONEY.  Doing Cracker Deals ATTRACTS MONEY.

Cracker Deals = Attract Money = Unlimited Deals 

That’s what the Brisbane Property Adventure is about!!!  Cracker Deals and How You Can Do Them All Day Long.

Come meet Real Mums and Dads Making Real Profits, come out onsite and check out their LIVE deals,

hear about their trials and tribulations and the magical Property strategies that are working in the Current Market.

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You’ll Discover More about These Super Strategies:

Subdivisions – an ex-Truck Driver did one & made $106k with a Joint Venture Partner, No Money Down;

Splitter Blocks still making people $$$ – in well known suburbs that apparently have “no deals left”!!!

In fact there are thousands of Splitters at your fingertips, and with the right tools and know-how you can

find them in minutes, I can show you how!

Super Positive Cashflow Deals – how can you make $2,500 per week passive income on just 2 deals

less than 20km from CBD? 8-10% Yield Sound Good? Easily done, here’s a deal below doing just that:

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Til next time,


PS:  If you’re already booked in, just forward this email to your friends so they can book in too, the more the merrier!!!


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