Investing In Property Is A Waste Of Money … Or Is It?

One of the biggest questions being asked right now is

“How Do I Make Money In Property In The Current Market?” 

Another big question is … “What On Earth Is Going On?!?”  and “Is Now A Good Time To Buy?”

Many property investors have only ever invested in an up market.

And we’ve been experiencing one of the biggest and longest up markets in history.

So, what happens in a flat market, or even a down market?

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Will the same strategies work to make you money?  Where does the opportunity

for the future lie?  How do you set yourself up now to take advantage of what is

happening in the market?  What affects the market and makes it go up, down, or stay flat?

On this one day “Property Adventure” we will show you how

“Real People” are making “Real Profits” Right NOW in the market place &

why you need to keep at the cutting edge of the property market:

  • Whether you are thinking about getting into property for the first time; or
  • Whether you just own your home; or
  • Whether you are already investing doing renovations, using negative gearing, positive cashflow, developments and/or other strategies …

Because the next 12 months could be one of the best or the worst times to

be in property….they will also reveal I rent out our granny flat …

even though my last deal made $850,000…..

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Is This for Me?

If you have an interest in property or you are already in the market, then this day is

not to be missed.  This event only happens twice a year, and no 2 events have

ever been the same….new locations & deals added, new opportunities and challenges revealed.

This event is being held for you to capitalise on our combined knowledge and over

20 years of property investing experience – through good and bad times.

I will also reveals my “11 Year Itch”, and why it took me 11 years to secure my biggest

development yet of 7000 sqm….and how I turned it into

$850,000 profit in just 9 months from settlement to settlement.

So, What’s the Cost?

Normally, this would cost you $497.  And, for the general public, this is what they will pay.

However, as a member of this newsletter we have arranged for an Early Bird Special which

ends soon at $97,  and you can BRING A FR-EE FRIEND!!!

However, there are only 150 seats available, so BOOK NOW.

To do this you need to click on the link below and enter your details


You can also book by phoning 1300 225 630 during business hours –

Don’t forget to book in before the deadline this weekend obtain the discount.

When: Saturday 18th June 2016,   Start Location: Morningside, Brisbane

What Else Will Be Covered On the Day?  The deals showcased include:

  • Townhouse & Unit Deals – how you can make MILLIONS OF $$$ in only 1 or 2 POSTCODES!!!
  • Subdivisions – how an employee sold her backyard & made $140k, how an ex-Truck Driver did one & made $106k!
  • Splitter Blocks still making people $$$ – in well known suburbs that apparently have no deals left!!!
  • Cashflow Positive Properties within 15km of CBD, OMG yes they are out there!

This is merely the start of an amazing adventure for us all, with so much networking and exchanging of ideas on the day.

So here’s your chance CLICK HERE NOW to book your seat, early bird special ends tomorrow 5pm!!

Til the next adventure,


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