How to think like a Billionaire… BIG!

It takes BIG thinking to create an empire like High Rise Harry!

Founder of The Meriton Group, Harry Triguboff (High Rise Harry) certainly lives up to his name.

Meriton recently developed the 81-level, 262m high, Infinity block in Brisbane, and also built Sydney’s

highest residential apartments, World Tower.


Harry was a lone wolf with his 1960s vision of cheaper modern apartments within the city bounds.

Recently Harry has said he wants Australia’s population to reach 100 million people!

It’s not just a flamboyant idea to think so big. Harry turned his vision into cash with Meriton.

As we explain, Meriton Serviced Apartments is the result of seeing a gap in the market.

Approx. 3,000 apartments are held at any one time… and that rental helps the whole business

stay buoyant, giving Meriton multiple sources of income.

Simple estimate… 3,000 properties, renting at just $400 per week, is $1,200,000 per week passive income.

From serviced apartments and residential unit sales, Meriton took $1.2 Billion in revenue last financial year.

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