How Did Gerry Harvey Get Rich???

Did you know that Harvey Norman makes far more money in the property game

(buying, building and renting back to Franchisees) than they do from selling

furniture and electrical?

It’s natural for us to assume that an owner goes into the retail store business

in order to sell their goods. But the real leverage is to be found in owning the properties.

Building on cheap land and leasing out the buildings to franchisees

has proven to be a winning method for Harvey Norman, just like

McDonalds…in fact the HN property portfolio is valued at around $2 billion.

Buying assets at a discount has also proved a winner for Gerry Harvey.

He made a takeover purchase of Rebel Sport for $51 million.

So just how did Gerry get started in the retail game?

And why did he say that selling did not come naturally?

In my latest book, from “From Broke To Billionaire” we talk about selling…

an essential skill in business and in life.

But what is selling?  It’s really having good people skills and a confident attitude.

“Work ethic, people skills, the ability to promote people and the ability to delegate”

are key factors to success (Gerry Harvey). Perhaps there’s a lesson for all of us

who fear selling!

Taking Gerry as a role model and his consistent media presence,

we explain how you can “come out of the shadows” and claim the limelight.

Learning about Gerry Harvey and co is NOT about being in awe of

Australia’s Billionaires, it’s about inspiring yourself for greater financial success.

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Til next time…


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