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Here’s What’s Included:

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–  3 Condensed Training Days Over 3 Months – limited to 30 Committed People only

–  At these 3 Days You will be Coached by Property Millionaire Nhan Nguyen and his creative and dynamic team of Advisors & Experts

–  Be prepared to have hands-on training and to achieve amazing things in short periods of time.  Our results-based activities will smash through any limits that you may have.

–  Live phone support via the weekly group teleconferences in between training days

–  Exercises that will push me out of my comfort zone so that I can go to the next level in my Wealth Creation

–  Multiple Leads from Vendors for Property Deals Using Simple Marketing Strategies

–  Extensive Training In the Following Areas

–  Putting In Multiple Offers On Properties and finding deals

–  Dealing directly with Vendors and Using Property Options

–  Working with councils and town planners

–  Feasibilities for a Development site

–  Raising $100,000 in 90 days or less & Protecting Investor’s Money

–  High End Joint Venture Exit Strategies

–  Using a Due Diligence Checklist to accelerate finding bargains

To Register Your Expression Of Interest Click Here and register your $500 Deposit (fully refundable):

This is what some Property Investors have to say about our Mentoring Programs:

This is what some Property Investors have to say about our seminars:
“Fantastic, Informative, has a lot of experience and knowledge to freely pass on”
Karen McCloskey, Investor
“Well worth going”
Lyn Shadbolt, Investor
“The basics of property financing with no money down in an easily understood format”
Les Mor, Investor
“Very informative”
Ollie Hooper, Investor
“Great speaker- good info”
Jude Resenbrook, Investo
“Great ideas- come along and see for yourself”
Simon Hammer, Investor
“A speaker with tons of experience, willing to pass on his knowledge and information of deals others have not heard of”
Sue Hemsley, Investor
“Join! So much information”
Rachael Jay, Investor
“You must come – it is so good”
Carolyn O'Donohue, Investor
“Great presence, good, honest”
Dylan Miklashek, Investor
“You should have been here”
John O'Donohue, Investor
“Great presentation, fantastic tips, good public speaker”
Shane Hiscock, Investor
“Come along and learn”
Andrew Tarrant, Investor
“A realistic and hands on approach to getting properties”
Ian Cunningham, Investor
“Really Great”
Carl Graham, Investor
“Very Interesting”
Brad Cassidy, Investor
“Worthwhile to attend”
Naresh Marajkar, Investor
“Interesting, got you thinking”
Sibel, Investor
“Great inspiration, networking”
Greg Dalla, Investor
“Very informative, if your looking for like minded property investors this is the place to be.”
Brian Peters, Investor
“Must attend, informative”
Graham Binder, Investor
“Very informative, high level introduction to some fantastic strategy”
Rod Dasheviei, Investor
“Well executed, motivational”
Helen Inglis, Investor
“Very worthwhile and challenges the traditional big and bold strategy”
Adam Gilbert, Investor
“It’s really helpful for a beginner property investor”
Jennifer Tso, Investor
“A must see”
John Marcus, Investor
“If they’re interested in property come alongt”
Andrew Turner
“A Must See”
David Finchs
“I would tell like minded people to go have a look”
Ardie Bodes
“Mind Opening, positive and enjoyable to learn from”
Elliot Ritchie
“A great introduction to doing property deals”
Sailesh Channan
“Well explained and fantastic”
Joy Prins
“Really interesting. You need an open mind though would only offer to open minded – closed minded would only waste everyone’s time”
Judi Turnerr
“Great introduction”
Dan Buzer
“Very Informative”
Michael Low
“Good insite into interesting options”
Leanne Willmot
“It was Great.”
Russell Seres
“Very Informative”
Albert Febor
“V. Good”
J Dixon
“It was good”
Chandra Lukita
“Great. Find an opportunity to hear this guy speak.”
Robyn Mahe
“Very Worthwhile”
Rhonda Sutton
“You should have come. Go to the next one!”
Dean Thompson
“You should have been here. You should go you always learn something new.”
John & Carolyn O'Donohue