(Don’t Miss Out) The Final 2017 Brisbane Property Adventure is Here!!!

Been looking hard and struggling to find deals?  Ones that actually stack up and make fat profits?

Feeling frustrated that you can’t make deals stack as people are gazumping you by paying too much?

Well, we know how you feel…and we want you to know the code has been cracked !!!

The Brisbane Property Adventure Live Event will reveal the missing pieces for you!


Come and meet the Real Mums and Dads Making Real Profits, come out onsite and

check out their LIVE deals, hear about their trials and tribulations and the magical Property

strategies that are working in the Current Market.

Matt Jones (Brisbane Property Networking Group) and I present an exciting educational journey around Brisbane,

showcasing Brisbane’s Profit Centre of Cracker Property Deals.

These are not the Negative Geared BUY, HOLD & PRAY DEALS  that lose money daily awaiting

Capital Growth, they are current deals being done NOW in the CURRENT MARKET by

REAL EVERYDAY PEOPLE.  They will show you how savvy Investors are “Getting In, Getting Out, and Getting Paid”, some as little as 21 days!!!


You’ll Discover More about These Super Strategies:

Subdivisions – an ex-Truck Driver did one & made $106k with a Joint Venture Partner, No Money Down;

see his pic below!

Splitter Blocks still making people $$$ – in well known suburbs that apparently have “no deals left”!!!

In fact there are thousands of Splitters at your fingertips :O)

Townhouse & Multi-Unit Deals – how you can Quit Your Job and Do Property Full Time in just 1- 2 POSTCODES!!!

Multiple Sources Of Income Are Prevalent, there for the picking.

It’s Coming Around Fast  >>> To Find Out More Click Here


Come join us for a Fun and Action-Packed Day filled with Learnings and Meeting Lots of Positive,

Like-Minding People.  Study live projects and lessons as well as investigate REAL DEALS ON THE MARKET.

With 20% of all ticket proceeds going to Mother’s Milk Bank Charity, we are proud to be sponsoring a great cause doing great things !

With only 130 spots available, and Only 61 spots left, Click Here To Book Now

Til next time,

Nhan Nguyen

PS:  If you’re already booked in, just forward this email to your friends so they can book in too, the more the merrier!!!


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