Are Your Ass-ets Protected??

Hi again,

About once a week, I get questions like: “Should I buy my next property in my own name?”

and “Should I buy a Property in a Company?  Or Company and Trust?”

Or “I bought this property in my own name, and  now I want to develop it, is there

going to be a problem with Tax???  What about GST???”

I usually start my response with “…well it depends…” On what you may ask???

Well about 10 different things hahahaha…not only that, I’m not qualified to speak

about it, so I thought I’d bring together a team of Professionals, including an

Accountant, a  Solicitor and Property Developers who do big transactions to bring

all these topics to the table in a 1 Day Intensive Download on

Asset Protection and Tax Structuring, CLICK HERE to find out more.

This event is high content, action packed and completely pure to help you under-

stand the structuring you need to Protect yourself from Villains, Thieves and

even Litigation!!!

Til next time!!


PS: Our office will be closed from Friday 12th December, reopening Monday 5th

January 2015.

PPS:  Here’s more information on our Asset Protection Event January 2015:

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