Are you Maximising your “Property Talents”?

Did you get my email last week about the Fr-ee Webinar?

If you want to “Kick Start” your property knowledge and KNOW FOR CERTAIN

that it will give you more from life than you currently have…

The FR-E-E Webinar is about:  How a Postie made $50k in his 1st subdivision

then turned it into a six figure income, within 18 months!”


And….. have you had time to watch it yet?

OK you’re pushed for time and I hear you….BUT investing some “Time” in YOU

right now may be the best investment you’ll ever make as you watch my

good friends Matt Jones “The Subdivision Expert” and Jill McIntyre“The Coach.”

They’ve done the GRUNT work over the years as they’ve refined their

Simple Subdivision Strategy and they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they did.

OK you’re asking…..”What will you get for your “TIME” investment?”

They’ll share their “7 Steps To A Simple Subdivision”

Step 1: Focusing on your bigger picture – your “why”

Step 2: What’s your strategy?

Step 3: Crunching the numbers

Step 4: Your exit strategies – what happens if?

Step 5: How to find a profitable deal?

Step 6: Different types of subdivisions

Step 7: The 12 step subdivision process

And yes each step is spelt out in depth in the webinar enabling you too,

to implement their simple strategy and process.

CLICK HERE to watch

So what more can I say…..go for it as this special FR-E-E Webinar offer

won’t be around for much longer!!!!




PS:  Keep an eye out for our Brisbane Property Adventure to be launched very soon!!!

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