Link To Register As An Affiliate:  Click Here To Register As An Affiliate

(please allow for 2 working days for approval)

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions:

The following criteria need to be met BEFORE qualifying to receive affiliate commissions:

  1.       Affiliates are for Mentoring Program Graduates, ie. people who have completed the Gold Mentoring Program (3 Month Program).
  2.       Affiliates need to be Registered for the Affiliate Program Online, see link above.
  3.       Referrals will need to register via your affiliate link, supplied once you register and are approved.

(Alternatively, or you will need to inform us via email of their name, email and phone number BEFORE they attend the event, and that you have introduced them.  Informing us after they have attended and registered will not count as an referral)

Referral Bonuses and further conditions:

  •         1st Referral is $500.  2nd referral onwards is 20% of Price paid by referred client.
  •         You must ALL conditions 1, 2 & 3 above prior to any signups to qualify for the affiliate payments.  Ie. If you refer someone, and 1 month later tell us you have referred them, then that does not qualify as a affiliate referral.
  •         If you sign up your Spouse, Defacto, Significant Other, Business Partner or Children, you do not qualify to receive an affiliate commission.  They are generally at a discounted rate anyway.
  •         Staff do not received affiliate commissions , please discuss with Nhan if you have a referral.
  •         Any people you refer who pay under a payment plan and pay monthly, your affiliate commission will be paid pro rata on a monthly basis .
  •         You may need to provide a tax invoice with your ABN

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

For any further questions please contact Debbie Ruscoe on 1300 225 630 or email:




To send someone a link to an event:

1.  Your Affiliate Link Will send people automatically to the Half Day Accelerated Property Seminar run monthly in Brisbane:


You can just send them that link (looks similar to this SAMPLE ONLY:

2.  To send to another event, you will need to Connect the event link WITH your affiliate link

Eg. Event is Advanced Property Conferenc:

Advanced Property Conference 2017

You will need to link this to your affiliate link (

VIA “&u=” without the inverted commas.

it then becomes:

(this will direct them to the right event and embed your affiliate details at the same time, so that when they sign up, we will know)

Otherwise you can hyperlink it, so it will look like this CLICK HERE

NB: always test your links before sending out so that you are sure it works, as 1 character missed can render the link useless.