6 reasons WHY you should OPEN this email…

Making Money in Property is a serious businesses… and we all get into it for different reasons…

As those of you who read my last email about Gerry Harvey, it’s made him BILLIONS…

In fact, I’m venturing to say there’s 6 reasons why opening this email may have been the

smartest move you’ve made today. Well actually, there’s 7…and once I reveal to you

what that is, you’ll finally have a clear path to making money in property.



1. You’re SICK and tired of your jobworking for THE BOSS desperately wanting to ‘get out’

2. You HATE going to seminars… because these ‘savvy’ salesmen will ALWAYS try to

make a quick buck off you, with no regard for your long term success.

3. You’re always looking to Accelerate the rate at which you accumulate wealth…

4. You have many negatively geared properties which needed to be turned around FAST

5. You absolutely KNOW you deserve so much more money for the amount of time you’re putting into this…

6. You have long-term security issues with your day job when trying to invest in property.


There you have it.  6 reasons why you should continue to read just a few more lines.

If any of these have described you, then it’s time to start jumping off your chair.

But there’s still one thing missing, right?


You got me… there’s a 7th reason that I’m leaving out.

Once I reveal it, you’ll REALLY be jumping off your chair.   Why?

Because it’s the last step you need to take before you can share in the success of property investors who ‘get it’.

Here it is:

7. They ALL have utmost BELIEF IN WHAT THEY’RE DOING, and Ongoingly Practise It

The hard part is actually finding out where they are so you can learn from them…

Luckily, 4 of the most successful people who make money in property, who I’ve personally met are going to be here:

The Advanced Property Conference – Brisbane Sydney Melbourne 

Don’t be surprised if you’ve already heard of them, they’re the BEST at what they do.


In order to BE the best, you need to LEARN from the best.. and what better way is there to

learn from the experts in property than to be right there, with them… face to face…

Pens ready, notepads filled with scribbles, YOUR questions being answered personally..

Nothing beats that.

Not YouTube videos, not google searched, not even online webinars.

Because THIS:


Is your best chance to ‘making it’..

Click on that link, and see why this is so exclusive that only 100 people are allowed to come…

And HERE’S THE KICKER…as a special member of my newsletter, you and a friend get to come

AT NO COST….but only for the first 37 people….you will need to enter the following COUPON CODE


Otherwise you will be charged full price…Don’t miss out now!





Let’s face it, the only way you’re going to really make money in property is if you learn

from those who are currently doing it. They’ve been there, done that…they know the tricks,

and they know what steps you need to take in order to get from where YOU are now, to where you WANT to be.

But the only way to get that kind of personal attention (without paying $1,000+ for a consultation),

is to go here for less than 10% of the cost:


Read the wealth warning on the beginning of that page. I dare you to stop reading.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code ACTIVE to get your free double pass :O)

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