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What are the  BEST WEALTH CREATION STRATEGIES that you can use to make the

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  • Are You A Newbie, Wanting To Get Into The Property Market, But Want To Do it Right??  Or
  • Have you given PROPERTY Investing or Developing a go in the past but WANT THE LATEST & GREATEST TIPS??
  • Have you borrowed too much from banks (like some of us had in the past before we wised up), fell into the Pit of NEGATIVE GEARING, and Yet Want To Fast Track Your Retirement ?
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The Advanced Property Conference brings you the experts in Property & Wealth Creation to answer all your much asked questions.  Not just another “Free Seminar” with No Content just Sales Pitches, this is high end training from Real Experts with information you can act on RIGHT NOW and make HUGE PROFITS RIGHT NOW in the CURRENT MARKET PLACE!

If you’re even slightly interested in creating Financial Freedom THROUGH PROPERTY, with the latest and most effective ways to grow your PROPERTY RICHES and success … then it is absolutely critical that you attend the ADVANCED PROPERTY CONFERENCE. You will discover new strategies for how MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES make MONEY and how they protect themselves from EVERYDAY MISTAKES that people make.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for joining the Property & Wealth Creation Community, because today is the day, with some focussed work and effort, that I know can change the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  I’ve personally been involved in Property Investment, Property Development and Wealth Education for the last 18 years and if you are struggling financially, I know how it feels. The GFC hit me real hard for years,  however, with training and coaching from the right people … my life turned around completely.

That’s why I love to working with people like you who GROW using our STEP BY STEP training programs.

At our event, Australia’s leading Property Millionaires will share their little-known secrets for generating quick cash, cash flow and instant capital growth in today’s property market in Australia.

These methods work efficiently and are easy to follow and implement, no matter what your financial situation or education background. And the best part is, they’re all in the one place at the same time, at low cost to you. That’s how committed I am to getting this cutting edge knowledge into your hands.

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 Here is some amazing things that you’ll discover during the 1 Day Advanced Property Conference with us:

    • How to Make Massive Passive Income from Propertyunnamed (1)
    • How To Use Property Development To Retire in 3-5 Years
    • How Real People Are Making Real Profits Right Now In the Marketplace
    • How To Attract Great Deals – In Any Market Condition
    • How To Quickly Find Motivated Sellers who want to sell you their property at a Discount…
    • How To Buy Property NO MONEY DOWN and have money left over!
    • Where the ‘Cracker Deals’ Hides and Where to Find Them
    • How To Know When A Cracker Property Deal Is Staring You In the Face
    • How To Find Fr-ee Blocks of Land In Your Backyard
    • What Millionaires & Billionaires Do Differently & How You Can Profit From It

Where & When:

Brisbane: Saturday 11th February 2017 – 1 Event Only!

RRP $97, Early Bird Pricing, $19.95 (Expires 5pm 2nd February). 

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Location: Colmslie Hotel, Morningside, Corner of Junction Road and Wynnum Road. Limited to 50 Seats Only

Time: 8.30 am registration for a 9 am sharp start concluding at ~5.30 pm


Meet The Experts…

Jennie Brown – Millionaire & Wealth Expert

jennie-brown-200wFor over 25 years Jennie has been investing in property and has a vast array of knowledge and experience with lots of different strategies. Since the purchase of her first property at the age of 20, Jennie has completed over 40 property transactions, including subdivisions, renovations, strata titling, multi-unit development and building projects.

Jennie is an international bestselling author and speaker. Highly experienced, she has dedicated years to educating others to be successful investors and helping them to put strategy into action and achieve the success they dream of.

nhan_nguyen2_copyNhan Nguyen – The No Money Down Man

While studying a Bachelor of Science at university, Nhan read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and from that moment his grades started to decline as his passion for property emerged. His biggest learning from the book was, “Don’t work for money; have money work for you.” With his university degree behind him, Nhan took a role with a property education company earning just $25,000 per annum. What he didn’t receive in cash he received in education, learning how to do deals, qualify leads and look for opportunities.

After 12 months Nhan changed jobs to work for a different property development and marketing company that was moving over 80 properties a year. He learnt how to tie up opportunities with little money and onsell the properties at a significant profit.

After three years as an employee, and aged 23, Nhan quit working for someone else, and in December 2003 he moved into full-time investing. He has now done nearly 100 property transactions worth over $30 million in total. In the past 36 months alone, he has done over $5M worth of property transactions using none of his own money.

“I’m a property investor and developer and also a friend and associate of Nhan Nguyen.  Nhan and I met many years ago and last year when I was having lunch with Nhan, we discussed joint venture deals.  Nhan then instructed and mentored me on how to do joint ventures, which I am very grateful to him for.  I currently have two full-time joint venture partners and I also am finishing a deal that I made $50,000 on.  Not bad over a lunch deal with my good friend Nhan Nguyen, I would recommend him to anyone.”   Neale Kretschmann – Property Investor

David Wright – Founder – Spending Planner’s InstituteACAdavid_wright_simply_budgets2

After reaching the top of the pay-scale ladder as a school teacher, David realised that nothing was going to improve financially unless he found a new and more effective way to manage his finances.Driven by a desire to do better, David spent thousands of hours developing and fine-tuning a system to sort out his financial affairs. The system he developed worked so well, David felt he just couldn’t keep it to himself.

Today as Australia’s Budgeting Guru David has addressed audiences at seminars and expo’s and has lectured on Taking Financial Control at “Cashflow Clinics” in various locations around Australia. He travels widely teaching the Simply Budgets system with a goal to set up a network of finance industry professionals to further utilise his system helping people to take control of their finances.  His appearances on A Current Affair and Today Tonight show many happy customers who’s David software has changed the financial lives forever!!

Matt Jones – Property Entrepreneur 

MattJones_halfbodyMatt began his journey as a property investor in 2005 after realizing swapping time for money was not going to provide any long term wealth.

He left his career of 15 years as a theatre lighting technician to become a postie while he transitioned into a full time property investor.

Since leaving the workforce, Matt has bought and sold over $5M in property specializing in Renovation and Subdivision whilst leveraging his time and money forming multiple joint venture opportunities developing property. Over the same period, Matt has created the largest property networking group in Qld that provides support, education and a safe networking environment for thousands of property investors every year.

Now in his early forties, Matt continues to thrive as a property entrepreneur and focuses on
creating long term wealth through the leverage of property investing joint ventures and his exceptional networking abilities.

Matt has recently returned to Australia from a two year cultural experience in France with his family, an opportunity that was made possible from his property investing and joint venture successes.Property-Millionair155C4D0


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Free Report: 21 Success Secrets of Millionaires

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